Why should I process credit cards?

The average Individual and Business reliance on cash and checks for retail and e-commerce business transactions is continually diminishing. Today, the average American adult carries at least two credit cards. Together, Visa®' and MasterCard® annual volume exceeds $230 billion dollars.

Can I get an account if I have less than perfect credit?

Yes, our approval rate is 99.8%, so even if you have bad credit you are likely to get approved.

What is the cost of a merchant account?

A variety of services are available to merchants depending on their type of business and the volume of transactions submitted on a monthly basis. In order to determine the best solution and pricing, please contact one of Englobe's merchant account representative at Tel. 1800-642-9632 or by Fax 1800-642-9634

What is transaction authorization and how does it differ from processing and settlement?

Authorization involves communication between the card issuing bank and the merchant’s bank verifying that the cardholder has available credit or funds to cover the transaction. The card-issuing bank puts those funds on hold and assigns an authorization code to the transaction. Processing refers to the transaction workflow and how each party involved receives the data. Settlement refers to the final accounting stage in which the transaction posts to the appropriate accounts at the card issuer and the acquiring bank.

What does the term non-bankcard mean?

Non-Bankcard transactions refer to transactions from American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club® or JCB® credit cards.

What does the term Fleet Card mean?

This is the Voyager® and Wright Express®, fuel credit cards.

How can I trouble shoot my terminal?

Choose your problem from the five most common problem sets below and check to see if you have tried each of the solutions listed. If you cannot find the solution here call our customer service help desk.

No power to my terminal?
  • Check that you are using the correct power cord
  • Unplug your power cord and plug back in
  • Try a different outlet
  • Feel the back of terminal where power supply connects for warmth. If you have warmth, you have power and the issue may be elsewhere in the hardware.
Are you having trouble reading cards?
  • Try another card
  • Perform Card Read Test
  • Unplug power and/or reset terminal
  • Clean the card swipe
  • Re-download the unit
Are you having a problem with debit?
  • Check that the key is working in terminal
  • Check master key location
  • Reset terminal
  • Check encrypted working key sticker
  • Call tech support to check CAS
Modem / Communication Problem?
  • Test line with different phone
  • Check for rollover system
  • Check for splitter
  • Try re-downloading
  • Check terminal for a “9”
  • Check authorization & settlement phone #’s
Printer Problem?
  • Check printer for solid light
  • Check cable between printer & terminal
  • Try different outlet
  • Are you printing on correct side of paper?
  • Printer test (hold paper feed, unplug power)
  • Go into boot level (if applicable) and confirm that printer is set for 01
  • Disconnect printer & re-download machine
How will I get paid for credit card transactions?

Funds are automatically transferred to your business checking account via an electronic ACH transfer. Funding occurs after a transaction has been captured and settled for payment.

I already have a retail merchant account. Do I need another merchant account to conduct Internet and/or Mail Order/Telephone Order transactions?

Financial Institutions and the Visa and MasterCard Associations have different criteria for evaluating the potential risk involved in credit card transactions where the card is not physically present at the time of the transaction. This type of business is typically referred to as "card not present" or "MO/TO" (mail order/telephone order). Due to the risk involved in these types of transactions, an additional separate Merchant account may be required.

Why should I extend my business to the Internet?

Electronic Commerce (or e-Commerce) is relatively new, but all indications show that it will be a major commercial influence within next 3 to 5 years. Over 100 million people worldwide are now connected to the Internet, and online stores have a nearly unlimited potential customer base. Even the most conservative estimates indicate that e-commerce growth in the next few years will be enormous. From approximately $5 billion spent in 2002 by online shoppers, figures for online sales in the year 2006 are estimated at $12 billion to $15 billion and higher.

While the biggest names in retailing are establishing a presence on the Internet, stores of all sizes have nearly equal opportunities to attract customers and expand their business. With available search engine tools, all merchants have an opportunity for e-commerce exposure.

How do I prevent fraud on my credit card transactions?

Visa® and MasterCard® require each merchant to perform AVS (Address Verification Service) on all transactions where the card is not present. However, this is just one form of fraud prevention, and there is no guarantee that the transaction is not fraudulent. The merchant is responsible for all transactions accepted, even if AVS is approved. If you feel a transaction is possibly fraudulent, you can contact the cardholder, as well as the Financial Institution that the card is affiliated with, to verify authenticity.

Can merchants require a minimum purchase amount that they accept credit card payment for?

Technically No! The major credit card networks (VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express®) prohibit their merchants from setting a minimum purchase amount.

As a merchant, I was told that if a customer presented their debit card and did not use their PIN number that it is possible for the merchant to be at risk, if at the close of business day batch-out if the customer did not have the monies in their checking account. Is there any validity to that? Could I as the merchant be at risk and if it does, if I do require the usage of a PIN pad 4 digit code, would that protect or automatically secure a guarantee payment?

If the debit card transaction was authorized then it will be paid regardless of the monies in the checking account. The risks associated with signature-only use of debit cards is the same as credit cards.

How many retail stores accept credit cards in the USA?

About 3.6 million

How much does credit card acceptance increase the money taken in by a business (compared to no credit cards accepted)?

It depends on the type of business. Many studies have suggested that most retail businesses generate 30% to 40% more revenues by taking credit cards.

How does a credit card work from merchant to issuer?

A merchant swipes the customer's card through a terminal which verifies and authorizes the transaction. The transaction is then processed or acquired by the merchant's bank which submits the transaction to a network for settlement. During the processing or settlement, the transaction is then routed to the card issuing bank for payment.