Purchasing new equipment can be a financial burden. To assist our merchants with equipment financing and leasing options EnGlobe, has partnered with some of the world’s leading finance lenders to offer affordable monthly payment options to its merchants worldwide.

Financing Offer:

Fast Approvals: After filling out the Quick One Page Credit Application, an approval or denial can usually be given within 10 to 30 minuets.

No Application Fees: There’s no charge to apply for financing. Just fill our the short application and return it to us by email or fax

  • Low Fixed Rates: EnGlobe offers low fixed rates based on your credit history, equipment cost, business history, and term structure. The low payment you start with will never have any unexpected increases or fluctuations for the life of your lease or loan. Get up to $100.000.00 equipment financing with no collateral required.

Why Leasing is Right for Your Business

Managing a business can be a challenge, but paying for the products you need to run your business shouldn’t be. Leasing can be your solution because…

    • It improves cash flow as you are only committing to a small monthly payment instead of one big cash layout.

  • You can budget easily as your lease is a fixed monthly payment.
  • Your payment can be suited to your needs thanks to the different options and terms offered.

How the Leasing Process Works

  • With a lease option from EnGlobe, you can include the hardware, installation and software cost.
  • EnGlobe, submits your application to our lease finance group for processing
  • A credit decision I made often within minutes.
  • If your credit is approved, you sign a Lease Agreement.
  • EnGlobe delivers the product and/or services to you.
  • A third party verifies that you’ve received the products.
  • You pay for your product in convenient monthly installments, usually through automatic payment (ACH) from your checking account or credit card.

At the End of Your Leasing Term

The following options are available at the end of the lease term, assuming that all payments have been made:

  • The equipment can be purchased at the Fair Market Value (FMV).
  • Or convert to a month to month lease. The monthly payment will remain the same.
  • The merchant may cancel a month to month lease at any time by returning the equipment, or purchase the equipment at FMV.
  • Or allow the lease to expire and return the equipment.